What we do for Defence

Euclideon is heavily involved in the Defence industry. Our Unlimited Detail™ is the core engine for both the udStream and udSDK software platforms, and drives holographic hardware and AR/VR platforms. Your unlimited 3D data is visualised, enhanced and analysed by a suite of tools including:

- Real time object and change detection
- Surveying grade measurement tools
- Filters to highlight specific areas and cross sections.

These allow our customers in the Defence industry to make faster, better and more accurate decisions from their 3D datasets.

What do we offer?

Euclideon's core technology makes us different from the rest.

Our patented 3D visualization algorithm is unprecedented in its ability to store, manage, stream and visualize near unlimited amounts of 3D data.

Our software platforms take all forms of captured data and convert these to the USD file type, allowing the merging of tens of thousands of files without interruption.
Our world leading streaming technology allows efficient, uninterrupted delivery to many users at one time.

Make accurate and fast decisions with Euclideon

3D Viewer Powered by unlimited detail™

Euclideon's 3D web visualization can be used on any device and is used across many industries. In the Defence industry, customers visualise CAD and BIM models alongside point clouds and photogrammetry models to produce rich models of everything from battlefields to secure facilities. The software platforms are fast and intuitive, with experiences ranging from simple novice interfaces to feature-rich professional settings.


Collaboration within udStream and udCloud has never been easier. Recent enhancements allow multiple users to interact within the same udStream 3D environment, share insights and share visualisations with internal and external stakeholders. Coupled with udCloud project level controls, project owners can ensure the right people have the right access to the right data at the right time.

Create your Euclideon Account and get up to 15GB udCloud data storage for free!

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