Euclideon’s new udCloud platform, in partnership with Microsoft Azure, is a cloud based service that hosts your 3D data with a visualisation capability of udStream, you can access your petabyte-sized datasets from anywhere without having to store it in your computer’s local storage...


udStream is your solution to creating huge digital twins of your environment. You can add the interactivity you need with geolocation of AR, AI, IoT, live camera feeds, images and any other document. Collaboration is made easy with our udCloud integration, share insights and visualisations with internal and external stakeholders. All of this on standard specification computers with average internet bandwidths.


udSDK (Software Development Kit) allows you to take advantage of our Unlimited Detail 3D rendering and integrate this into your own software or application. For parties with their own software development capabilities looking to significantly enhance the speed and performance of their existing 3D rendering applications, our SDK is an ideal choice.

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