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What we do for Public Works?

Huge data sets have been a challenge for the public works industry. 3D datasets have resulted in extremely long periods of post-processing, and often an end product that’s too large to be viewed in its entirety. Euclideon makes these problems a thing of the past, by introducing a platform that allows teams to view huge datasets without the needs for expensive work stations - saving the client money and time.

This is the issue facing the public industry, as it worked to move its GIS effort—which included monitoring the city's huge data sets.

What do we offer?

Faced with a staggering amount of data and only a limited capability for viewing it, the Public works industry turned to Euclideon to help solve these issues.

Today, thanks to that solution the public service industry can view photorealistic 3D point cloud renderings of an entire city off a simple to use laptop.

The developers call this solution “udStream,” the city calls it a game change.

"I always believe in spreading the word when I find something that is truly game-changing—this is definitely such a case.”

City of Richmond

Mesh Collider

The udMeshCollider component allows you to create a mesh collider based on a projection plane in the scene. This component samples the depth map to create a flat mesh for collision perpetually during runtime. This is effective and efficient for placing an avatar in a large scene - avoiding prebaking collisions on a large dataset which may be very memory intensive - but requires that you know which actors need to observe collision, such as the player avatar

Adding GTFS

The tools in the Transit Feed toolset support the conversion of General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) datasets into feature classes and tables that can be visualised in a map, which is used as input for further analysis, or can be used to construct a network dataset.

Some of these tools allow you to create or update GTFS files. GTFS is the only worldwide standardised format for public transit data. It includes the locations of transit lines and stops as well as the schedules.

"By comparison, with udStream, the fact that we were able to ‘fly’ the entire island, look around and see landmarks and other reference points, made them gasp"

City of richmond

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