"All of your data at your fingertips, all at once!"

What is udCloud?

udCloud is a cloud based service that hosts your 3D data with a visualisation capability of udStream, you can access your petabyte-sized datasets from anywhere without having to store it in your computer’s local storage

What does udCloud do?

Euclideon’s new udCloud platform, offers high value tools for geographical, surveying, and 3D data driven organisations that work with massive 3D point cloud data, 3D scans or geospatial models of any size at speeds previously unimagined.

The Euclideon udCloud solution makes collecting, storing, analysing and sharing massive 3D datasets in real time, easy and cost effective.udCloud is a paradigm shift in providing availability of 3D data.

Why udCloud?

Upload, visualise, analyse and share all your 3D data all at once in real time, from any source, in any format, at your fingertips on your standard PC or Laptop for confident accurate decision-marking.

Euclideon is at the forefront of the geospatial industry providing 3D data management and platform solution for organisations and industries that incorporate geographic surveys as a key step in their operations

What does udCloud Offer?

3D Viewer Powered by Unlimited detail™

Euclideon's 3D web visualisation can be used on any device and is used across many industries, customers visualise CAD and BIM models alongside point clouds and photogrammetry models to produce rich models of everything from battlefields to secure facilities.

The software platforms are fast and intuitive, with experiences ranging from simple novice interfaces to feature-rich professional settings.


Collaboration within udStream and udCloud has never been easier. Recent enhancements allow multiple users to interact within the same udStream 3D environment, share insights and share visualisations with internal and external stakeholders. Coupled with udCloud project level controls, project owners can ensure the right people have the right access to the right data at the right time.

Online Explorer

In addition to the traditional list view, you can now navigate to your projects spatially. The location of your 3D projects can now be found in a map environment. When zoomed out you can easily see the number of projects at a location and zooming in allows you to target the area of interest more specifically.

udCloud Subscription Plans

udCloud Free

Get 15GB free of udCloud data hosting and storage.

  • Hosted data storage
  • Convert datasets to .uds
  • Up to 15GB free, T&Cs apply
  • Up to 5 account users

udCloud PAYG

Billed per month, per gigabyte, no lock-in contract.

  • Hosted data storage
  • Convert datasets to .uds
  • Flexible month-to-month billing
  • Cancel at any time
  • Tiered volume prices
  • Unlimited users

udCloud Enterprise

Enterprise-scale commercial deployment license.

  • Hosted data storage
  • Convert datasets to .uds
  • Structured to meet your data requirements
  • Further discounted prices designed for enterprise usage
  • Supported by our enterprise solutions team
  • Unlimited users

We offer billing in different currencies

Create your Euclideon Account and get up to 15GB udCloud data storage for free!

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