"Visualise, analyse, present and share all of your 3D geospatial data with Unlimited Detail™"

What does udStream™ do?

udStream is an application that allows the loading and displaying of many Point cloud dataset formats, including Euclideons Unlimited Detail™ Point Cloud. It also positions these datasets in their geolocated positions. The world map is also rendered to help contextualise your geolocation.

udStream includes a suite of tools for viewing and your dataset in different ways. Such as appearance options, and filters that carve a shape into your models and only display certain parts which can be exported as their own model.

Why udStream?

udStream has many strengths that separate it from other 3D Model viewing applications. You can display massive datasets containing an unlimited number of points and view these datasets in their geolocated positions. It also provides tools for measuring and viewing the datasets in particular ways, as well as conversion from many polygon formats to UDS.

What does udStream offer?

3D Viewer by Powerful Unlimited Detail™

Euclideon's 3D web visualization can be used on any device and is used across many industries. In the Defence industry, customers visualise CAD and BIM models alongside point clouds and photogrammetry models to produce rich models of everything from battlefields to secure facilities. The software platforms are fast and intuitive, with experiences ranging from simple novice interfaces to feature-rich professional settings.

Polygon filtering

The polygon filter creates the ability to filter complex sections of massive 3D point clouds to enable further analysis, this mean our customers can work with their 3D datasets in an accurate, fast, and user-friendly platform.

Change detections

Change detection allows the comparison of two different 3D data sets in real-time, Which allows you to make fast and intuitive choices in the real world. Finding differences in the point clouds becomes obvious by using user-defined colors. Change detection allows your team to make better quality decisions.


Collaboration within udStream and udCloud has never been easier. Recent enhancements allow multiple users to interact within the same udStream 3D environment, share insights and share visualisations with internal and external stakeholders. Coupled with udCloud project level controls, project owners can ensure the right people have the right access to the right data at the right time.

udStream Plans

udStream Free

Explore the power of udStream™

  • 3D Viewer powered by Unlimited Detail™
  • Convert datasets to .uds format
  • Load projects from udCloud™
  • Built-in Line, Height & Area measurement tools

udStream Premium

Unleash the full power of udStream™

  • 3D Viewer powered by Euclideon
  • Convert datasets to .uds format
  • Load projects from udCloud™
  • Built-in Line, Height & Area measurement tools
  • Add Box, Sphere and Cylinder Filters to model
  • Toggle viewport to enable second point of view
  • Add Cross-section Show all the points within a plane
  • Add Viewshed Visualise the area where is visible from the point of view
  • Add a GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) to a project
Premium features

Visualise 3D Data in Unlimited Detail™

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